Welcome to DokuWiki@IfI

Below you find the list of Wikis hosted on this server. Note that you might not have the rights to access every one of them.

Name/Link Description Users
BDLT internal Wiki of the BDLT BDLT staff
CE internal Wiki of the CERG CERG staff
CSG Internal WIKI CSG CSG staff
DDIS internal Wiki of the DDIS group DDIS staff
DL Internal Wiki of the Digital Linguistics Group DL staff
HPC How to use HPC infrastructure @ IfI (formerly known as the kraken wiki) all of IfI
techno IT Infrastructure Technical Documentation Technicians
vmml internal Wiki of the VMML VMML staff

If you have questions or if you need a new wiki, send mail to techno@ifi.uzh.ch.

Feel free to access this Wiki to try out stuff. But beware, everything in here might be deleted without further notice.

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